Frequently Asked Question

Our team has the courage, scale, passion, diversity and resourcefulness
that promise wherever and however the world needs it. 

Servinera is an online marketplace that connects maintenance seekers with maintenance providers.

It was supposed to start in Lebanon. But now, it will operate in Europe.

You can place an order on Servinera app as simple as it could be. Once you open the app, select your desired service from the category. Describe your issue and attached related pictures. Choose a service provider then place the order. The service provider will receive your order and will follow up with you shortly.

Indeed! We only bring in professionals who have conducted to interviews and shown competency. Those who are accepted are only allowed to work with Servinera.

We are always looking for service experts who are trusted to join our growing fleet. You can go to Resources section and choose Become a professional. you have to fill in your information and submit the request. We we will receive your request and respond to you soon.

You can cancel the order whenever you wish for If both of you and the service provide hasn’t agreed on the work.

In case that you agreed with service provider on such work, and you wish to cancel, we will only charge you on the completed tasks.